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You will have access to relevant information about digestive tract diseases and production of scientific research areas in which we work in the past 20 years, since academics. The articles published are available for download in PDF form. The content may be used for educational purposes, but the reference source must be cited.


Specialist in General & Digestive Surgery and Transplantation is acting as a Surgeon of Transplant Program of Clinics Hospital of University of São Paulo and attends private clinic. Dr. Andre David is a titular member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons, the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation and member of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

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Digestive Tract Surgery and Laparoscopic

Solid academic background, after 6 years of surgical residency (two years in General Surgery, two years in Digestive Tract Surgery and two years in Abdominal Organ Transplantation) and internships abroad enable us to pursue the specialty and subspecialty with skill and safety in the best hospitals in Sao Paulo.

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Organ transplantation has emerged in recent years as the last frontier of technological development applied to medicine. Our experience in this area of activity of Medicine began 15 years ago with an interest in liver transplantation followed by pancreas transplantation (Master thesis in 2003) and intestinal transplantation (Doctoral thesis in 2007).

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With the support of the institution we work added official governmental entities as federal (CNPq) and state (FAPESP), we develop relevant research on topics such as transplantation surgery, organ preservation and immunology.

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